This award recognizes a career of service to the University of Arizona and the community by someone who loves the UA and acts in the spirit of Billy Joe Varney.


Joan Timeche

Joan Timeche, Executive Director, Native Nations Institute, Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy

Joan has created an atmosphere that supports and encourages Native professionals to excel and advance in their chosen areas of work. She has provided all staff with both individual and team opportunities for professional development. Joan's inclusive investments in staff excellence pays off in capacity and effectiveness yet when staff move on to higher positions elsewhere it is through her commitment to them that they are prepared to follow their dreams.


Marilyn Taylor

Marilyn Taylor, Associate Vice President, Finance and Administration, Office of Academic Affairs


Heather Enos

Heather Enos, Deputy Principal Investigator, OSIRIS-REx


Maia Ingram

Maia Ingram, Program Director, Community Based Evaluation Projects, Health Promotion Sciences

For 20 years, Ingram has been developing and evaluating prevention and research programs using the community health worker model in partnership with Arizona-Mexico border communities. With expertise in community-based participatory research, Ingram has collaborated with community organizations and UA faculty in addressing health disparities in chronic disease, obesity, hearing loss and partner violence. Ingram prioritizes including master of public health students in her projects, and sees herself as a bridge for students to gain important skills in research, evaluation, assessment and policy development.


Hope Dang

Hope Dang, Assistant Staff Scientist, Molecular & Cellular Biology


Dorothy "Dotty" Spears

Dorothy "Dotty" Spears, Program Coordinator, Senior, Maricopa County Ag Extension


Frank Farias

Frank Farias, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs


Leo Enfield

Leo Enfield, Information Technology Manager, Principal, Engineering Administration


Joseph Ike Dent

Joseph "Ike" Dent, Broadcast Engineer, Chief, Distance Education


Alice A. Goddard

Alice A. Goddard


Kacey Urquidez

Kacey Urquidez, Vice President, Enrollment Management


Daniel Silvain

Daniel Silvain, Senior Director, Research-Laboratory, Safety Services Healthcare Partner


Theodore G. Tong

Theodore G. Tong, Professor, Pharmacy Practice & Science


Terry S. Mullin

Terry S. Mullin, Business Manager, Senior, Southwest Institute for Research on Women


Darci Thompson

Darci Thompson, Director, Organizational Health & Employee Wellbeing

When Darci looks around, she sees the bigger picture. Currently in her 15th year directing UA Life & Work Connections, Darci utilizes this skill to consistently improve a number of programs serving University students and faculty. By using what colleagues call "future scanning" – looking at international, national, state and local trends to analyze their impact on the University from a health-care perspective – she maintains one of the nation's premier wellness programs. As a colleague noted, "In the mid- to late 1990s, for example, she developed and added the dependent care and work/life support programs to LWC, not only because they are convenient for employees, but also because she saw the approaching problem of recruitment and retention long before many of her peers at other institutions did." Darci's quest for foresight and understanding stems from a deep concern for the well-being of UA students and employees. As a result, she makes sure that wellness screenings occur regularly in different departments around the UA campus and in Southern Arizona, partnering with Campus Health and other University divisions. Darci also takes time to meet the needs of individuals. In the aftermath of the College of Nursing shootings, Darci made a point of meeting with the building custodial staff to ensure that their mental and emotional states were being addressed. After a student suicide in a dormitory, Darci made sure that the locksmith who had to break into the student's room was offered assistance. Darci's desire to ensure the well-being of the University's students, faculty and staff leads her to go well beyond administrative duties. Her passion and commitment to caring for others helps to create a more positive and healthy environment for the entire University community.



Christine Krikliwy, Program Coordinator, Senior, UA Poetry Center

"Above and beyond" seems to be the routine for Christine Krikliwy. She has been described as " the most capable, loyal and accomplished staff person – who not only goes the 'extra mile – she goes the 'extra light year.'" Christine has physically carried an ailing fellow staff member to a car and drove her to a physician. She has helped a foreign graduate student, whose newborn baby died shortly after birth, sort out medical bills. She's the first to pitch in when colleagues are pressured under deadline. Her priority is to ensure that Poetry Center business, her own and that of other departments, is accurate and on time. Professional in every sense of the word, Christine's enthusiasm spreads to the off-campus community as well. She's been an active member of the Unified Community Advisory Board, which oversees the largest superfund cleanup site for trichloroethylene (TCE) in the country. Her responsibilities include participating in field trips ensuring that the water cleanup on Tucson's south side continues as promised, and that there are no surprises.


Kathleen "Rocky" LaRose

Kathleen "Rocky" LaRose, Deputy Director, Athletics

Kathleen "Rocky" LaRose is a very compassionate and competent administrator who is extremely sensitive to the principle of fairness in both hiring practices as well as management of a diversified staff. She has a keen understanding of the labyrinth of NCAA and conference rules and regulations that govern intercollegiate athletics and has been an influential force in maintaining compliance within these complicated guidelines. She is a champion of the individual rights of student athletes and staff and always maintains a firm and positive command of very difficult situations. She possesses the highest degree of integrity, and through her style of leadership this personal quality passes through to her staff. Her expertise and initiative are requested for numerous campus, conference and national committees. Rocky began her UA career as a student athlete. During her tenure at the University she has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to both students and staff. She is especially sensitive to establishing and maintaining a high level of gender equity and diversity within her department. Always well prepared, she is informed and ready to take the reins regardless of the nature or immensity of the challenge facing her. Rocky has been the administrator in charge of the UA cheerleaders and mascots. These groups participate in fund-raisers and the activities of a multitude of community groups. A long time member of Women at the Top Breakfast Club, Rocky developed the "Speakers' Bureau" of the CATS Life Skills Program. Through this bureau, UA student athletes make appearances and talk with more than 22,000 children each year at local schools discussing the detriments of substance abuse, gang-related issues and the need to remain in school. Active in the PAC-10 Conference, Rocky has served as vice president of the council, chair of the Senior Women's Administrative Committee and has served on the Legislative, Long Planning, SWA Television, Selection and Women's Basketball Tournament committees.
To Rocky, being a perfectionist means completing each assignment systematically, thoroughly and in a timely manner with first-class results. Regardless of her workload, she is always willing to pitch in and take on a new commitment. Kathleen "Rocky" LaRose is the very embodiment of the Billy Joe Varney spirit.


Mary Catherine Nicholson

Mary Catherine Nicholson, Director, Human Resources, COM-Phx


Lynn O. Wood

Lynn O. Wood, Senior Deputy General Counsel

Lynne's commitment to her role as University Attorney is unwavering. An excellent employment attorney, she has a strong sense of integrity, moral purpose, common sense and excellent skills and knowledge to accomplish whatever she is working on. Lynne is adamant that administrators follow the rules and a staunch defender of employee rights. Her plainspoken opinions always provide a clear understanding of her advice. Although her role is one that functions more "behind the scenes" than on center stage, Lynne's commitment to the University is apparent to all who know her. She works tirelessly to help ensure that decisions and actions reflect what is best about the University of Arizona. As a long-time member of the community and graduate of the University of Arizona, Lynne views the campus community as her community and she participates fully in activities that are central to life on campus.
Her generous commitment to assist Human Resources, the Ombudsperson Program, the Appointed Personnel Organization, the Staff Dispute Resolution Committee and the Staff Advisory Council are perfect examples of her commitment to building community. Her sense of community does not stop at the boundaries of campus. Lynne's community activities are extensive and wide-ranging. Many people volunteer their time and serve on boards. What differentiates Lynne is the quality of her participation. When she commits, she becomes an active volunteer. Her work with Angel Charities spans more than a decade and has ranged from initial volunteer work to key leadership roles. At least part of the astounding success of this organization is due to Lynne's ongoing commitment to the group. Lynne is the embodiment of Billy Joe Varney's commitment to family. She is an incredible model of a woman who "does it all."


Ray Umashankar

Ray Umashankar, Director, Multicultural Engineering Program


Koreen Johannessen

Koreen Johannessen, Director, Health Promotion-Preventive Services

Koreen has been a member of the Campus Health service staff for 26 years. Her commitment and dedication to the health and wellness of the campus community is unparalleled.  She has led her unit to national prominence, securing seven federal grants in the last eight years producing program funding of nearly $2 million. These funds and her efforts have helped develop the Student Health Peer Education Program, the Wellness Center program at the Campus Recreation Center and the Oasis Center for Sexual Assault in Relationship Violence.  She has been instrumental in the development and implementation of weight management programs, stop smoking programs and assertiveness training programs for faculty, staff and students at the UA. Locally, she serves on the board of directors of both the Jewish Foundation of Southern Arizona and the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona, is past president of the Hillel Board of Directors and participates on the Campus/Community Coalition assisting residents of the Crest Ranch subdivision in communicating with student residents.



Gloria Alvillar, Assistant Director, Human Resources, Facilities Management



Susan E. Wilson-Sanders, Director, University Animal Care



Dianne M. Bret Harte, Editor, UA News Services



Patricia L. Wylie, Undergrad Student Coordinator, Family Consumer Resources



Jack Hoffman, Coordinator, Registration



Nga Thi Nguyen, Specialist, Library



John Hall, Associate Director, Biomedical Communications



James F. Walbert, Manager, Collections



Lionel G. Jacobs, Manager, Constructions Projects



Cecil "Corky" Taylor, Associate Dean of Students



Charles "Chuck" Raetzman, Assistant Director, Facilities Management