Annual "On Our Own Time" Art Exhibit Showcases the Artist Within

Creativity exists in all of us, but how we express it is unique. When we have an opportunity to showcase our creativity, and that creativity is acknowledged, we feel pride, connection, and affirmation in ourselves and our talents. Every year, the National Arts Program partners with more than 90 venues in 30+ states to create workplace exhibitions where the artistic expression of employees and their families are recognized. 


  • Participants must be an employee/retiree/volunteer of the University of Arizona or their immediate family member.

  • All entries submitted must be the original work of the applicant completed within the last three years.

  • The National Arts Program and the University of Arizona reserve the right to disqualify entries they consider to be unacceptable or inappropriate for a public exhibit.


There is no fee to enter this competition. Winners may be eligible for cash awards!


This show is comprised of art from all ages and levels of ability. Each piece of artwork will be judged within its classification, not based on its medium. Each artist selects the classification in which their work will be judged; however, the judges may make the final determination in special cases.



a person with serious art training or employed in an art related field


a person with some experience, they may have taken a few art classes


a person with little or no experience in the arts


13-18 years of age


12 years and under


Visit the UA On Our Own Time Art Exhibit Page

Questions? OOOTArtExhibit@arizona.edu