Billy Joe Varney Winners


Utter the name “Billy Joe” and almost anyone who has been at the University of Arizona any length of time, as well as any long-term Tucsonan, recognizes that you’re referring to Bill Varney, the UA Associate Vice President Emeritus for Planning and Budgeting.


During his 30 years here, the one-time director of the Student Union became an irreplaceable fixture by virtue of his dedication not only to the goals of the UA, but also to the needs of hundreds of students, faculty and staff. Billy Joe did not just come in contact with people -- he “accosted them” with a bear hug, a bellowed greeting, and the kind of recognition and warmth that made each individual know that he or she really amounted to something.


For that, as well as for countless outstanding accomplishments in his professional and volunteer life, both at the UA and the Tucson community, the Staff Advisory Council presented an award to Varney at his retirement in 1988. It is an honor that, henceforth, would bear his name.


Established in 1989, the Billy Joe Varney Awards for Excellence annually recognizes a University employee for a career of at least 15 years of dedicated services to the institution, to its employees and to the com- munity of Tucson. In other words, the award recognizes someone who loves and acts in the spirit of Billy Joe Varney.


2019 - Marilyn Taylor

2018 - Heather Enos

2017 - Maia Ingram

2016 - Hope Dang

2015 - Dorothy "Dotty" Spears

2014 - Frank Farias

2013 - Leo Enfield

2012 - Joseph  "Ike" Dent

2011 - Alice A. Goddard

2010 - Kasey Urquidez

2009 - Daniel Silvain

2008 - Theodore G. Tong

2007 - Terry S. Mullin

2006 - Darci Thompson

2005 - Christine Krikliwy

2004 - Kathleen "Rocky" LaRose

2003 - Mary Catherine Nicholson

2002 - Lynne O. Wood

2001 - Ray Umachankar

2000 - Koreen Johannessen

1999 - Gloria Alvillar

1998 - Susan E. Wilson-Sanders

1997 - Dianne M. Bret Harte

1996 - Patricia L. Wylie

1995 - Jack Hoffman

1994 - Nga Thi Nguyen

1993 - John Hall

1992 - James F. Walbert

1991 - Lionel G. Jacobs

1990 - Cecil "Corky" Taylor

1989 - Charles "Chuck" Raetzman