Congratulations Danielle Hallahan for Your 2021 UA Award for Excellence

April 6, 2021

Danielle Hallahan, Executive Assistant at College of Applied Sci & Tech in Sierra Vista was asked to be present on another zoom call but was surprised to hear there were special guests attending with a special announcement.  The Surprise Patrol then told everyone that they were there to let them know Danielle had been chosen from the Best of the Best to receive the 2021 UA Award for Excellence!  She was honored when she heard all the wonderful things her nominators had to say about her, including: Danielle’s work ethic and personal commitment to excellence are truly exceptional. Her passion to improve college culture and business practice has resulted in numerous improvements to college operation and organizational climate. I have never worked with an anyone who is as passionate, proactive, and effective as Danielle. She does more in a day than many people accomplish in a week.  Danielle is well connected with Cochise County and Sierra Vista communities. As a branch campus, we frequently host university and community leaders. Danielle ensures all visitors have a memorable and meaningful experience on campus. Our unique mission combined with our location necessitates that staff demonstrate initiative, independence, innovation, and proactive thinking. Danielle Hallahan encompasses all of these qualities. Taking on many duties –duties that go far beyond what’s in her job description –added a tremendous workload, but Danielle never complained. Despite putting in 10-to 12-hour days each day of the week, Danielle continues to be visionary, always looking ahead to the College’s needs and how to most efficiently meet those needs.  Her award is well deserved.  Congratulations Danielle!