The Department Award for Excellence


The Department Award for Excellence will be presented to a single department in recognition of its outstanding departmental excellence in the management of its people and resources. The awarded department will receive a commemorative plaque.


A "department" is a function or the several functions/programs and activities which are typically assigned to a principal who reports to a dean, assistant/associate vice-president, vice-president, or president. Such principals typically hold the position of dean, director, or department head.


Culture of Promoting a Satisfying Work Environment

Examples include:

  • Ensures respect for all department members
  • Fosters an environment of diversity and inclusion
  • Supports a culture of engagement
  • Encourages and accepts the need for a balance between life and work commitments

Leadership in Creating and Sustaining a Dynamic and Engaging Workplace

Examples include:

  • Creates and reinforces an environment of innovation, empowerment, participation, and knowledge-sharing
  • Establishes, communicates, and deploys organizational values based on a compelling and inclusive vision
  • Supports professional development
  • Addresses workplace health and safety
  • Recognizes and awards the contributions of employees
  • Resolves grievances and conflicts

Environment of High Performance

Examples include:

  • Sets directions and communicates values and performance expectations
  • Uses performance metrics to help improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Promotes cooperation and collaboration, individual initiative, and innovation
  • Aligns resources with the department’s strategic plan

How to Nominate

Submit a Nomination - Remember, all nominations are due by 5pm on January 30, 2017

This link will take you to the "Competition Space" to submit an application for your nomination.

Visit our Assistance for Nominators page for help. 

Nomination Requirements

  • Nominations must address the three (3) criteria themes listed below
  • Nominations must be signed and submitted by the department head or responsible administrator
  • Nominations must be submitted before the deadline

Deadline for Nominations

Nominations must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, January 30, 2017.