The Billy Joe Varney Award for Excellence


The Billy Joe Varney Award for Excellence recognizes outstanding performance by dedicated and committed employees who have been employed at the University for at least 15 years. A minimum of 5 letters of recommendation are required.


Nominees will be evaluated on their actions that surpass meritorious performance in their job. The following criteria will be considered.

A. DEMONSTRATED EFFORTS IN PRACTICING INCLUSIVE EXCELLENCE IN THE WORKPLACE – making an exceptional effort to be inclusive and how this affect the work environment

Examples that contribute to the practice of Inclusive Excellence include:

  • Increasing awareness of and respect for different cultures
  • Being attentive to diversity and proactively being inclusive in the workplace
  • Taking action to support and champion diverse populations
  • Embedding diversity and inclusiveness into their work duties and responsibilities
  • Supporting thought diversity to bring various perspectives into the workplace

B. SERVICE TO THE UNIVERSITY – providing service/outreach in addition or outside of normal job duties and how this impacts others

Examples that constitute service to the University include:

  • Making a significant contribution to the success of the entire University and the University community
  • Acting as a competent and knowledgeable resource to students and employees

C. SERVICE TO UNIVERSITY EMPLOYEES – reaching out to employees/students in addition to regular job duties and what the effect of this is to the university

Examples that constitute service to university employees include:

  • Leading in making the University an exceptional workplace for employees
  • Taking action to protect and champion diverse populations

D. SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY – providing outstanding service/outreach in addition to normal job duties and how this impacts the larger community

Examples that constitute service to the community include:

  • Disseminating and applying knowledge gained from research and instructional activities to the broader community
  • Delivering exceptional community service as a University employee

How to Nominate

Submit a Nomination - Remember, all nominations due by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, February 9, 2018

This link will take you to the "Competition Space" to submit an application for your nomination.

Visit our Assistance for Nominators page for help. 


  • Nominee must be benefits-eligible
  • Nominee must have at least fifteen (15) cumulative years of employment at the University in any employment category
  • Nominees are eligible to receive this award only once in their life time - see past winners

Nomination Requirements

  • Nominee must merit special recognition for a career of dedicated service to the University, its employees, and the community
  • Nominations must be submitted before the deadline
  • Please ensure that letters of support address as many dimensions as possible, giving at least one concrete example for the criteria you are highlighting

Deadline for Nominations

Nominations must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, February 9, 2018